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Shaping 3D on vintage oscilloscope

Old tube based oscilloscopes are great for interesting drawing experiments. We’ve seen few drawing projects earlier. Most of them draw in 2D while this one pushes limits to 3D. Project is based on Atmega88 microcontroller which takes care of pushing electron beam around the screen using simple DAC. WPvideo 1.10 Shapes are stored inside microcontroller flash memory. More importantly there is a RS232 interface that allows manipulating shapes from computer. The actions include rotation, model select and even upload now shape in to MCU RAM. AVR microcontroller is a bit weak for generating and especially rotating 3D shapes as actions include multiplication and division. But everything can be done with few smart moves like using look-up tables or careful select of variable types....


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Source: Embedds.com - Monday, 21 May, 2012

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