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16 pin PIC module ready for breadboard

Using various breadboard modules is a popular way of fast prototyping. If you have favorite microcontroller that you usually grab to start prototyping probably it is worth to build plug-able module that would save significant time of actual breadboarding. embedded-lab have built a small PIC16 based PCB for prototyping. It can hold any 18-pin DIP PIC microcontroller which is clocked at 16MHz with ceramic resonator. There is also a mandatory ICSP programming header and reset button. All microcontroller pins are aligned so they fit nicely in to breadboard. In many projects there are commonly buttons and LEDs used so in this module one user push button and single LED is already included that can be used for any purpose. Besides there is a dual tact switch that allows disconnecting button and LED if not needed....


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Source: Embedds.com - Tuesday, 3 January, 2012

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